5 Things That Can Fail You in Final Semester

Final Semester
Your internal marks or grades for a semester including the marks of your assignments and projects are very important and have a direct impact on your CGPA and by performing well in final exams you can make your CGPA better. Some students who really work hard in preparing final exams still get fail and wonder what the reason was. In fact there are some minor things that are very important but overlooked by most of the students which results in failure at final exams. It will be difficult to find many ways to perform well in exams but if you start thinking oppositely that is how to fail in exams you will find many ways. This is an alternative way to find out those things that can lead you to fail an exam. In this article experts of coursework writing services will discuss which things can fail you in exam and in second part we will discuss how to we can these failures in to success.

There can be probably many things that can cause failure for example getting late for exam due to traffic jam, or you wake up late or your car get broken, you keep awake all the night for preparing your exam and in morning you are dull and unenergetic to properly attempt the paper, you get panicked, you got ill, you don’t have complete notes for preparing exams, wrongly answered the questioned, spend too much time on one question and ran out of time, confusion in understanding question or paper format, or above all you just believed that you will get fail. Let’s discuss them one by one;

  • You can fail the exam if you don’t have complete and organized notes for preparation or you don’t have enough material to prepare from. Most of the students are not in habit of taking notes and rely on just marking or highlighting in text books and power point slides only. And the day before exam when they start preparing they come to know that they don’t have enough material to learn.
  • You can fail exam if you left everything to the last minute and didn’t start preparation at right time. It is quite impossible to learn and practice every question and concept at last day before exam. This means that you have to start your preparation early at least a month before the first exam.
  • Most of the students have habit of waking up till late at night for exam preparation. Even if they have prepare everything they will not get satisfied and keep reading and revising. When you don’t have enough and proper sleep you have low energy level and brain functions slowly. You need more time to understand things. This can affect your performance in paper as you may not understand the question and its requirement and write the wrong answer. Due to tiredness, exhaustion and laziness you may not write the long answer or some portion of paper may remain unattempt.
  • Stress, anxiety and panic are the other main factor due to which most of the students fail in exams. Even those students who have prepared everything get panic which affects their performance. Some students keep busy in turning books and notes pages till the last minute and thought it will help them to remember everything but in fact they forgot most of the things when paper come in front of them.
  • Then there is a category of those students who always enter in the exam hall at the last minute or are late for exam. And when they are asked about the reason for being late most of them replied with the reason of being overslept and others have reason of traffic jam or their car was broken on the way.

There might be many other reasons that can affect your performance and can lead to the failure in exam but most important is to know the ways to turn them into success. You must start preparing for your exam early so that you have enough time to complete and review your notes and revise them. You should have enough time to practice your maths questions and numerical. Try to sleep at proper time so that you have a good and proper seep this will help you to get up early in the morning and will keep you energetic and fresh and will saves you from getting late.

It is necessary to set multiple alarms so that you wake up on time. You should your proper breakfast to keep yourself energetic. Although cramming is very beneficial in many aspects but spending whole night in it without sleep must be avoided. It is good to reach at exam hall at least thirty minutes before exam and try not to continuously revise at last minutes. This will only create panic and stress as our mind will desire to revise all the things. Most importantly you must have confidence in yourself and you should believe that your efforts will lead you to success.
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