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Monday, 11 November 2019

How to Find Dissertation Topics From Recently Published Research Journals?

The first step to write a dissertation is to select an interesting and intriguing topic idea. Students should try to select such a topic idea that is interesting and intriguing for them. Its reason is that a dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing and it is hard for students to maintain their focus throughout the dissertation writing task. If you have selected an interesting and intriguing topic idea for your dissertation, you will feel it stay focused on the dissertation writing task. There are different ways to find topics for your dissertation. Here, we will discuss some essential tips to find a topic idea for your dissertation from recently published research journals.

1) Select a journal

As we know that there are hundreds of journals are available that are helpful for the students to find out topic ideas for their dissertations and to gather enough data for their dissertations. No doubt, all of these journals are not helpful for the students. Therefore, the first step to find an interesting and intriguing topic idea for a dissertation is to select a suitable journal. Students should try to select such a journal that is covering their area of study. Students can easily get access to these journals by visiting a library catalogue or by conducting research on the internet. 

2) Find useful articles

On a journal, there are hundreds of research articles on different topics are shared. There are also some journals on which these articles are categorized into different sections. After getting access to the required journal, students should try to find useful articles that are helpful for them to find out interesting and intriguing topic ideas. For this reason, students can also use advanced research option that is available on these journals. If you want to get more focused results, it is necessary for you to limit the search for more focused results. Some essential tips to find out useful articles by conducting more focused research are to use specific search fields, to search the scholarly articles on the basis of their documents and to search the documents on the basis of a year of publication. 

3) Get the full text of your desired articles

Sometimes, there is a possibility that students are not able to find out suitable topic ideas for their dissertation just by reading the titles of the research articles. Under this situation, students should try to get the full text of their desired articles. At the end of the article’s link, there is a link for the full text of the article. You should click on this link and try to read out the full articles with full attention. After reading these articles, there is a possibility that you will get some topic ideas that you are searching for your dissertation. Along with these topic ideas, you will also find out useful resources to gather the data for your topic ideas. 

4) Explore journals by topic

By exploring journals by topics, you can also find out the best topic ideas for your dissertation. For this reason, first of all, you should browse such journals that are relevant to your topic idea. Secondly, you should try to discover all the issues and trends that are discussed in this journal relevant to your topic idea. At last, you will be able to find out possible topic ideas for your dissertation. 

5) Find journal articles in library catalogues

There are some universities that are providing access to online catalogues to their students. On these online catalogues, there are also some published journal articles. By visiting these library catalogues, students can also get access to these journal articles. In order to find out journal articles on these university catalogues, students should try to follow some essential steps. First of all, students should visit the homepage of the university catalogue. Secondly, students should click on the menu list. On this menu list, they should click on the database list. After selecting on the database list, students will see lots of databases. Thirdly, students should try to select a particular database by title, subject or material type. Fourthly, you should try to click on the peer-reviewed journal articles. After that, a list will appear. You should try to click on those articles that are relevant to your interest. After reading these journal articles, you can also find out some interesting topic ideas for your dissertation. 

While selecting a topic idea for your dissertation by conducting research from recently published research journals, you should make sure that your topic idea should be interesting, intriguing, unique and easily memorable. 

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