The Stages Of Dissertation Writing At PhD Level

Dissertation Topic

A dissertation is a complete summary of research in the final step of Ph.D. It is the collection of student’s doctoral studies and victorious achievement of an inclusive exam. However, writing an excellent and outstanding dissertation is a very difficult task, because, it requires good writing and researching skills. It is a reality that every student is not able to write a good dissertation and gain high grades. 

You can write a good dissertation in three steps. The first step is related to the proposal and approval. The second step is data collection and research and the final step is writing.

The Proposal

After finishing your doctoral coursework, you should choose a topic and start research. This step is most important and significant, because, it encompasses the development and success of your methodology and research plan. Obtaining a topic approval requires a lot of time, therefore, you should work hard continuously. After continuous research, you can find a good topic. Most students do not know how to find a good topic for their dissertation. If you are facing difficulty to write and choose a good dissertation topic then you should get dissertation help. Here are some important points of the proposal that you should know: The proposal is the explanation of complex issue or problems that you are going to explore
  • Reference of the research community
  • Define the difficulties to locate a solution
  • Discuss research techniques that you are going to use

Data Collection And Research

The second step is related to the investigation and data collection. Through detailed research and good data, you can increase your grades. A good data collection can increase your grades. For this,
  • The research resources should be relevant and informative
  • Define a research map or timeline
  • Highlight additional sources
  • Define your findings and organized sources


The final and important step of the dissertation is writing.  Writing is a step to formalize your research and data. Generally, dissertation writing has five chapters. You can write five chapters in three steps. After deep research and proposal, you should write an effective dissertation. You should use all the resources and data that you have collected in the above chapters. Keep in mind all the important points in order to gain good grades. The writing step should be included:
  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

Proofread And Recheck

After completing the above three steps, you should edit and proofread your dissertation. Editing and proofreading are most important in order to give a correct look to your dissertation. Revise your final copy and make sure that the dissertation is error-free. Make sure that the dissertation is well-structured and well-knitted.  Check all chapters one by one and proofread it very carefully. A well-written dissertation will increase your grades. Don’t submit a weak and error written dissertation, otherwise, you will lose your grades.

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