Writing a Best Essay
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Free Solo Documentary
Free solo is the most popular and well-known documentary film that was directed by Elizabeth Chi Vasarheliyi and Jimmy Chin. Elizabeth Chi Vasarely and Jimmy Chin are the two most famous directors of the United Kingdom. Actually, the profile of free solo is also very interesting, because, it grabs the attention of the people. It is all about a free solo climb of EI Capitan. Here, the professional writers of coursework writing services will discuss the free solo documentary review. In the Oscar Fashion, this documentary film was awarded by 91st Academy Awards.

According to the critic reviews, the free solo is an interesting study about passion and personality. This is a dangerous and outstanding journey that shows the passion of a person. In fact, this documentary film teaches us that an impossible word means “I am possible”. Therefore, a person with passion and struggle can achieve success in life. It is an extremely tough competition. It is collaboration with nature that gives us success. Most people show that it is an act against nature. However, it is all about struggle and passion.

Production: Basically, the story is very interesting, because, a person achieve success without the help of ropes. Mr .Honnold is the hero of this documentary film and he teaches himself to gain success without human interaction. He always thinks about a rock free goal, therefore, he gets success. According to Jimmy Chin, to get the sound of Mr. Honnold was a very difficult task, because, he was too far from the wireless mics and camera. It is not easy to make a new record in the history. In order to solve the sound problem, we choose Jim Hurst, who was a great climber and can utilize a new record with a single camera. In most points, the camera was out of range, therefore, most important movements are not present in the film. In the film the music was created by Macro Beltrami, he is a good singer.

Plot: The plot of the Solo Free documentary film is very interesting and it is all about danger, fear and horror situation. A person expresses many feelings during watching this documentary. The hero of this film is a very brave man that gives the message of bravery and courage. This film is very famous and all about the courageous and passionate. The story is very outstanding and interesting, because, it gives us negative thinking in order to gain success in life. Most people criticize the Solo Free documentary film with a negative response.

Box Office: In this February, Free solo has coursed $ 17.5 million in the United State and $2.9 million in the all-around the world. In the first weekend, Free Solo earned 859,051 and in the fifth weekend, this film has grossed $1.6 million. Actually, the rating of the solo free documentary is very high. Approximately, the rating of the Solo Free documentary film is 99%. It is the best documentary film, because, it was nominated in the Toronto International Film festival. Solo Free documentary film has received the award of Critic Choice.