What Are The Photographs, Charts, Diagrams, Transcribed Interviews, Audio Recordings, And Artifacts?

What are the Photographs?

An image that is formed by falling light on a sensitive body or a surface is known as photographs. Frequently, we use the photographic films such as a CCD or CMOS chip to make these photographs. These photographs are made with the help of using a camera. In this camera, we use the lens that focuses the different scenes that are visible to us. The process in which different photographs are made is known as the photography. The most important types of the photographs are Candid photography, Fashion photography, Landscape photography, and so on.

What are the charts?

A chart is one of the most important types of the graph. A chart is made with the help of graphical representation of the data. There are different types of the charts like Bar Charts, Box plot series, Pie charts, Polar charts, Spline charts, and so on. You can use these charts for the different purposes, but mostly these charts are used to present the data in the Statistics. If you are facing some problems to make the charts, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services.

What are the diagrams?

If we want to represent some important type of the information by using some visual techniques, then this information is known as the diagram. The most important type of the diagram that is usually used in the Mathematics is known as a Venn diagram. Along with the Venn diagram, there are also some other types of the diagrams like class diagram, object diagram, component diagram, and so on.

What are the transcribed interviews?

A transcribed interview is one of the most important types of the interview. It is conducted by giving an audio recording to a candidate and it is asked to the candidate to write down each and every word of that audio recording after carefully listening to it. This is one of the most important types of the interview that is conducted in order to get an idea about the listening skills of a student.

What is audio recording?
The name of re-creating the sound waves that are spoken by anybody is known as the audio recording. This sound can be recorded by using the two types of the technologies. The first type of the technology that is used to record the sound is known as digital recording technology and the second type of the technology that is used to record the sound is known as the analogue technology. There are a lot of instruments that can be used to record any kind of the sound like MiniDisc recorder, DAT recorder, Laptop Audio interface, and so on.

What are the aircrafts?

A machine that has the ability to fly by gaining some support from the air is known as an aircraft. This amazing machine has the ability to counter the gravity due to earth either by using the static lift or by using the dynamic lift. The most important types of the aircrafts are single engine pistons, Business Jets, Helicopters, and so on.
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